Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby name

We picked a name for the little man. Michaela was voting for Maracas (please do not ask where she came up with that one. I was just glad it wasn't diaper), and even though it sometimes seems like she's in charge at our house, she isn't so (really she isn't. Stop rolling your eyes!)...the baby's name is going to be Seth Peter. It came down to Seth or Zachary, but Peter said everytime he pictured a Zachary all he saw was "a white haired Jewish guy" (don't ask me!) so we decided on Seth.


Rialucette said...

congratulations on the little man :)

just wanted to stop in and do a little reading! i was cleaning out my inbox and found the email you sent about this blog--i'd totally forgotten about it! i have a blog now, too, in case you're curious :)

take care!

good times! said...

I love the name!!! I actually wanted to name a baby Seth but I don't think Jake would go for it since I had a HUGE crush on this guy in my ward named Seth for many many years. Anyways, hope all is well and keep me posted!

Rialucette said...

so how is maracas? (and how are you holding up?)